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Gone are the days when you had to run around looking at flat after flat or relying on your high street estate agent to find you your ideal flat to rent. With the advent of the Internet now at your finger tips, all the hard work is done for you and you can gain full control of the process. After all, your home is more important than most things, so you should choose wisely.

The UK rental market is buoyant and is set to continue to be due to the expected increase in population. This means that at any given time, there would be thousands of flats to rent – this is one reason why finding the ideal flat to rent is a daunting task. This site is aimed at bringing responsible landlords and tenants together resulting in a pleasant experience for both parties. As you’d no doubt gather, the site is not ready and we’re working hard developing a fantastic website that will not only look good, but functional and easy to use

The first question that might be running through your mind is, what will make this site any different to all the other major online players?  This is no easy question to answer, but we know we’re different and will offer a high level service for both tenants and landlords…some of the things we have up our sleeve are:

- State of the art searching facilities; you’ll not just be able to search and sort by price, location, size etc but more advanced filters that will present your ideal flat.

- Unique tools and features to: help users navigate and assess their ideal flat for rent OR in the case of landlords, smooth process of uploading their inventory and thereafter letting their properties to responsible tenants.

- High level of customer service, where we will listen to your needs and do our best to service them

- Build an active community where you can seek advice and empowerment. There will be no space for dodgy unscrupulous landlords and the system will be built to weed them out!

Last but not least, our core aim is to educate those seeking to rent a property and ‘walk’ you through all the key steps in finding the best flats to rent:

  • There will be a step by step guide on firstly defining your objectives before the ‘research’ phase of renting. There are so many factors to consider and we’ll do our best to make you aware of them so you don’t forget.
  • What to look for when shortlisting flats for rent – does it meet your requirements, and how to assess properties properly before taking time to visit them
  • Help and assistance on the ‘legal stuff’ such as break clauses, terms & conditions etc
  • Explanation of the ‘Tenancy Deposit Scheme’ and what it means to you.
  • How to find the right insurance for your home – yes, we’ll go beyond finding a flat but little details on after finding it.
  • Moving in and the final bits and bobs – we could even put you in touch with a local vetted removals company!

Flats to rent

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q: Will the site only cater for flats specifically?

A: Not necessarily. Yes our core expertise lies in flats for rent, but the final site will be structured to allow for houses and other properties for rent.

Q:  What about properties for sale?

A: Again, our key focus will be on the rental market, but sales is also an obvious area where we’d naturally expand into the sales market. So if you’re sick of renting and want to get on the property ladder then you’ll be welcome also

Q:  I am thinking about sharing a flat instead of renting on my own – will there be a section for flat shares?

A: We are fully aware of the rising popularity of flat sharing, especially in the big cities and there are clear advantages. There is plans therefore to have a section for those specifically looking for flat shares, and once again, we’ll do our best to vet people.

Our team are currently working hard developing the best site for ‘flats to rent’ but we would be glad to hear from anyone who wants to share their ideas, suggestions on what the site should and shouldn’t include. How would you ideal site look and function?

Do contact us or leave a comment below..